September October 2021

15th 17th October Spaghetti Rally

Presented by The Moto Guzzi Club of Victoria

Presented by The Moto Guzzi Club of Victoria

This year celebrating the centenary of Moto Guzzi and 40 years of the Guzzi Club. Edi Cutting South Campsite, on the Wang – Whitfield Road, 10km from Whitfield. Great camping on the banks of the King River.Toilets and firewood provided.Breakfast available Saturday and Sunday. Spit roast Friday night. Traditional spag dinner on Saturday night.

8th – 10th  October 2021 Kosciuszko Rally  will be held at the Geehi Hut

The BMWMCCACT 40th Kosciuszko Rally is planned for the weekend at Geehi Flats Campground (Geehi Hut) under a NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service camping permit and limited to 60Persons by NSW Health Department Directions for COVID-19 (1 person / 4m2, contact tracing etc).If intending to camp YOU must register on the Club website here Day trippers can register (buy a badge) for the day and do not count towards the 60.NSW NPWS Rangers can give directions and issue fines so please do not wreck the Rally for this or future years or cop a fine by just turning up to camp and ignoring any direction. If you have not registered on the Club site, we will not have allocated YOU to the Club’s rally cap on numbers.ALL Rally’s cost money to organise and host, so register and buy a badge and raffle tickets. The BMWMCCACT takes no money from the rally after costs and remainder donated to charity.Full details are on the Club website or email if you have questions and we look forward to seeing your there.

Campground located on the sealed Alpine Way in the picturesque Snowy Mountains and home to some of the best motorcycling roads in Australia. Rally supplies can be purchased at Thredbo (43km) or Khancoban (31km).

Kosciuszko National Park has entry fees and remember to please take your rubbish out with you.

Your entry of $25pp includes a raffle ticket and opportunity to win a great selection of prizes and enter in the usual and unusual rally awards.